Cișmigiu apartment


About the project

  • It so happened to meet Art Interiors team just as I was in the finishing stage. The challenge was great, given the fact that the theme had to combine Feng Shui with the classic style. In the end, I was fully satisfied.

    I can say with certainty and enthusiasm that because of this nice collaboration with Art Interiors team, I now live in my own little heaven where I find peace and comfort.

    Vlad Adriana
  • From the project (selected from several options presented) to the selection of materials and suppliers, we bought together the elements of decor and simply agreed with the project and the budget, the rest was the work of the ART Interiors team, including the oversight of the working site.

    ...the people at ART Interiors made me understand that the result will never be as good without the contribution of specialists.

    Cecilia Dan
  • I learned about Art Interiors by a happy coincidence, just before we started renovating the apartment where we were supposed to move.

    ...we got in a short time the result that we have been longing for: a bright and airy home, with a warm atmosphere, where functionality and aesthetics combine perfectly

    Anca Todosie
  • My apartment is a lovely, welcoming, warm and cozy place, having no connection with what I found at my first visit, before making the purchase, and the transformation is due to the Art Interiors Team.

    Every time I get home or when friends visit me and admire my house, I'm glad I got the recommendation to work with Art Interiors and that I chose to do this.

    Ruxandra Constantin
  • We chose to refurbish our headquarters with ART INTERIORS following the recommendations received from other employees of the company, regarding the high quality of the rendered services and efficiency...

    In conclusion, we recommend ART INTERIORS as being a professional and reliable collaborator for any company...

    Marius Soare

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